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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Human Resource Management (HRM )

Payroll Management Module

Hospital Management System (HMS)

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ERP solutions

We offer a full Enterprise Resource Planning Management tool (ERP)

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We offer a full Human Resources Management tool (HRM) for easy management of employees.

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We offer a comprehensive hospital management system that manages all hospital procedures.

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Payroll Management tool.

We offer a Payroll software to manage, organize and automate the employee payment.

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SACCO and Cooperatives Solutions.

We offer core banking solutions integrated with customer relations management tools.

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We offer a point of sale software that helps your business to record transactions and stock balances.

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Time and Attendance (TA)

We offer a time and attendance software for businesses to track and optimize employees business hours.

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ICT Consultancy

We develop and offer advice on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IOT.

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Learning/ School Management System

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How we do

Digitization and automation to help you scale your operations and profits.

Our Approach
  • Goals:

    To be the leading ICT solutions provider in Africa, offering timely solutions while leveraging emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Machine learning and IOT. see more...

  • Work Ethic:

    Maintaining the highest work ethic by meeting the client’s demands. By offering quality timely solutions.

  • Future Proof

    Offering solutions that are future proof that can stand growth and new trends.


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