Our Solution

Once Exchange:

Once exchange offers a platform  for buying, selling,trading, fundraising and tokenizing digital assets. The exchange is designed in a way that meets the customer pain points; through a simple to understand and easy navigate user interface. Our customers can use the exchange to convert Fiat money into digital currencies. In addition, they can send money across Africa countries and globally. The Exchange is fully self-regulated and secure against any hacks. Users can exchange the fiat currencies to digital currencies and vice versa in a secure and simple to understand platform. The exchange is an enabler of affordable financial services.

Once Pay :

Once Pay  platform provides a service for making quick, trusted and secure digital transactions. Users and merchants enjoy a quick reconciliation. Smart contracts enable us to facilitate a payment solution working flawlessly together with a decentralized trust and reputation system between parties via the block chain.


  • Reduced costs: Blockchain has much lower transaction fees eliminating overdraft fees because over-drafting funds on the blockchain is impossible. With blockchain, you don’t need as many third parties or middlemen to make guarantees because the technology is immutable.
  • Increased efficiency:  a speed Fully automated process that reduces instances of human or paper heavy processes. In addition Blockchain allow citizens to leverage a peer-to-peer banking economy where everyone has complete control of his/her assets in hand.
  • Enhanced security : Blockchain is more secure than other record-keeping systems. Unique, universal, and self-sovereign blockchain IDs and attestations enabling identity verification and authentication to access financial services and products.
  • Transparency:Transactions on a blockchain is more accurate, consistent and transparent than when it is pushed through paper-heavy processes.
  • User Simplicity :Offering an easy to understand and navigate platform, the focus being on quality user experience.
  • No Geographic Limitations: Cryptocurrencies /Digital Currencies are inherently global, like the internet and like email. The process of sending Bitcoin to someone in Japan, or in Germany, or in the United States, is exactly the same.
  • No Infrastructure Bottlenecks: Cryptocurrencies / DigitalCurrencies can be sent or received on any internet-connected device, so its global infrastructure is already built. No governments, banks, or telecoms necessary.