Once Sync Limited  is based in Kenya, Sub Saharan Africa.  Our company provides financial services integrated with Blockchain technology. The company is currently working on a Cryptocurrency –Exchange, the solution is a perfect fit for the increasing demand for the Crypto currencies in the Sub Saharan Africa Market. There are few players in the Sub Saharan market and most are foreign based. This bringing trust and security issue for the Cryptocurrencies enthusiasts in the Sub Saharan market. Africa stands to gain more on the cryptocurrencies since it provides a solution to the weak fiat currencies as well as to the unbanked population.

In addition Once Sync Limited has plans to launch a payment gateway that will be integrated with blockchain technology. The company leadership seeks to offer the Sub Saharan market a faster and quick payment platform. The current payment gateways in the market don’t meet the specific needs of a sub Saharan merchant, most have a very slow or length period for accounts reconciliations. The fees charged by the payment providers are exorbitant. While other alternatives such as mobile money have very high fees as well as volume cap in terms of money transfers.

The market opportunity for our solutions is quite big, this due to various variables that are in Sub Saharan Market. One of the variables is that this market has a very youthful population who are consumers of innovative products and services. Another variable is the growing middle class and urbanization, this leading to global brands venturing into this market such as Carrefour, GM , Volkswagen and many others brands. A recent report by Citi Bank ranked Kenya among the top ten countries that hold a big  bitcoin market share.

Market Opportunities 


Why the Once Exchange

Once Exchange fills the gap for Africa’s based coins such as Nuru Coin and Bara coin that are solving the continent financial needs. There is need to facilitate the blockchain Eco-system in Africa in order to work flawlessly in terms of accessibility as well as inclusivity. However the Once Exchange is not only targeting the African market, our business model is more of a tailor made product for Africa but with a global use.

Once Exchange strategic approach is to provide a spotlight on Africa’s CryptoCurrencies. This in turn will create a more interactive market for the coins. We believe by doing this we shall facilitate trade in the continent making it easy to transact within the 54 African Nations.



Benefits of using Once Exchange

  • A trusted cryptocurrency exchange
  • Access to Africa’s Crypto currencies
  • A high grade secure platform
  • A tailor made Customer service
  • Trading advice and guideline
  • Beginner friendliness
  • Low transactions fees
  • Customer support
  • We offer multiple Cryptocurrencies
  • We Supports multiple Fiat currencies
  • Transacting with Mobile money
  • Quick settlements