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March 18, 2021 - BY Admin

Systemization: A Must Have for Businesses

Systemizing is to arrange into a system, a plan, or method. It is establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your business.  Simply put, it is the mapping out into a step-by-step procedure bow each process and/or function in a business will run. Systemization is, therefore, the adoption of technologies or various ICTs that will set the pace for step-by-step processes to be adopted. 

Regardless of the size of the business, it is easy to be bogged down by daily operational activities. It can easily get chaotic. In essence, every business regardless of size and age requires some form of system to ensure that every operation is smooth running. While not every business activity can be systemized, major business operations have IT solutions such as Payroll. If you are an operational business with employees, then a Payroll system is a must-have. It may be very cumbersome to manually handle the payment scheme of each individual employee, the role for which Payroll systems are created. 

So what exactly are the benefits of systemization for small businesses? 

  1. Reduction of stress 

Any system, including a filing system, is meant to bring order to a business. Where there is order, chaos is less likely to happen. Any system is built to ensure that business order brings order to their business, thus relieving them of stress. It means that there is ease in the creation and tracing of documents. 

  1. Efficient leadership

To effectively administer leadership, team members must fully understand their roles. Systemization ensures that key responsibilities for each individual team member are well outlined and that they can execute them with minimum supervision. Human Resource Management Systems, commonly known as HRM, are key to ensuring that each team member is up-to-date with their key performance indicators. Measurement of performance is done by the system, making it hard for any biases to be developed during performance reviews.

  1. Allows the business owner to focus on high earning activities

When systems are in place, and the team members are aware of their responsibilities, then the business owner can shift his/her energies from the daily mundane activities of the business to other meaningful, income-generating activities. With systems in place, the business owner becomes a manager and not a supervisor which enables the business to grow to scale faster than when no systems were implemented. 

  1. Ensure consistent product and customer experience

Consistency is key for the generation of any worthy product. Systemization ensures that you give the same experience to your clients/customers time and time again, offering them the comfort of a consistent product or service. Consistency builds loyalty, and with loyalty comes sales. 

  1. Reduces losses

Systems reduce the likelihood of having to physically track stock and handle liquid cash. This means that if cash and stock records are systemized, there are fewer chances of having third-party money leaks which reduces losses. A reduction of losses is beneficial to any business owner. A penny saved is a penny-worth investing in. 

Guaranteed, systemization has many benefits to any business. Let us explore steps your business can take towards systemization. 

  1. Make a list of your recurring tasks. Recurring tasks consume time and human resources. They can easily be cut down with a system and achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the whole process. 

  2. Prioritize Functions by establishing a hierarchy of functions that are core to the business. Develop policies and procedures for each function to ensure ease of functionality. 

  3. Document the Process. Provide a step-by-step procedure on how systemization will work and affect your business as you migrate from a manual setup. Note down if any training is required and ensure it is done in the formative stages of the systemization process.

  4. Process Implementation. Try out the process with your team members to ensure it works and suits your needs. 

OnceSync provides systems that are designed to suit your business needs. We have a range of products that vary from HRM to Payroll that is quite essential to any business. Forget the paperwork and migrate to something more efficient. A business can only grow at the speed of its systems. Great systems work!